Guild Rules

Guild Rules and Expectations

1. Disagreements and Drama
Sometimes people will disagree, but we expect our members to behave in a professional manner and settle their disagreement. If you aren’t comfortable with a current discussion topic, inform the group and request a subject change. If a player is consistently causing problems or drama, they will be removed from the guild.

2. Harassment of Other Players
Harassing other players because of Age, Sex, Race, Religion, National Origin, Sexual Orientation, Marital Status, Political Beliefs, and slander against any player regardless of their relation to the guild, even if they are in-game enemies, is not allowed. Prosperity is not just a guild, it’s also a community, and we expect our members to represent the progressive ideals we believe in.

3. Combat with Allies or Civilians
Please be aware that open combat is not authorized on our server unless all players involved consent to combat testing or practice. If one player is not interested in fighting, respect their wishes and look for other players who wish to train. On the MMO, players who are visiting our territory will be treated as allies unless they break a rule or are confirmed to be griefers.

4. Stealing and Borrowing Equipment
Stealing not only includes taking an item without the permission of the owner, but also utilizing raw resources to train your skills when the owner had other plans for them. Try to get permission before using a large amount of resources to train your skills, and log off with materials you want to keep safe or plan to use in the near future. Otherwise, all members are free to use and share what they have produced for the community.

5. Classified Information
Some information, such as our server password, is only given to recruits that have posted an application on the forums. This is to prevent unauthorized access that can result in griefing and keep our members safe. Sensitive information will be marked as such, but it is also expected that our members will understand what knowledge should be kept only within the guild itself, and what should be kept private.

6. False Representation of Yourself or the Guild
False representation includes claiming to be something you or not, or that you are speaking on behalf of the entire community. This may include placing false information on your recruitment application, or threatening other players or guilds in the name of Prosperity. That being said, all members of our guild should work hard to represent the ideals and goals we strive for.

7. Extended Inactivity
We understand that sometimes real life or interest in other games can cause players to be less active than they normally are. If you plan to leave the community for more than 2 weeks, notify a council member to be marked as Inactive until you return. Players who do not request an inactive status may be removed from the guild.

8. LiF Rules
Follow all in-game, forum and IRC rules not explicitly described above. If you discover a major bug while playing, report it immediately and don’t abuse it, or you may risk being banned from both the game and the guild. A list of forum rules can be found here.